EV Chargers FAQS

Why do I need a charger ?

Your EV requires a significant amount of power to charge it, the emergency charge cable that comes with some vehicles charges at 2.3kw per hour. If you have a 64kw hour battery it is going to take 27 hours to fully charge your EV. These types of charges and your household socket are not designed to be used continuously every day and these will be operating at full capacity the entire time.

How much faster is a charger ?

The typical install we undertake is for a 32amp single phase charger, these charge at 7.4kw per hour so for a 64kw hour battery this will take 8.6 hours (overnight) to fully charge the vehicle. If you have 3 phase power available some of our chargers can charge at up to 22kw per hour which will 3 hours to fully charge your vehicle

8 hours still seems like a long time ?

Most EV users do not fully charge their EV from flat, if you top your battery up every night after using it you may only need to charge for 2-3 hours. To ensure the best life from your battery you are also best to only charge you EV to 80% unless you are intending to use all of the battery capacity before you are abl e to charge again (i.e you are going on a long trip). You will find that the speed of the charger is more than sufficient for your transport needs.

Why do I want to charge at home rather than fast charge locations ?

Regular fast charging use can degrade your battery life as well as being somewhat inconvenient when you have to find a charger, wait until it is available if others are using it and then wait to charge your vehicle for 30+ minutes to get a significant amount of charge. By charging at home overnight you are charging the vehicle when you don’t need to be using it and ensure it is always toped up ready to go.

What other advantages do I get from a charger ?

All of our chargers have WiFi connectivity to allow you to control how fast your vehicle charges, when it charges (including charging when power is cheapest), control how much charge you put into your vehicle and check on it remotely.

How do I know if I am eligible for the fixed price install ?

Firstly is your switch board in your garage (most houses have this in the garage) If you look at your switch board see if there is spare spaces for additional circuits to be added. The charger needs to be mounted within 5 meters of the switch board and we will use surface mount conduit to connect the charger to the switch board.

What if my switch board is in a different place or I don’t have room for a circuit?

Our team of installers will undertake a site visit to confirm any variations and advise if you are eligible for the fixed price install or if there will be additional costs and they will explain this to you. There is an additional cost of $99 for a site visit anywhere in the Auckland region if our team don’t install the charger in the same visit

What warranty is offered?

The Wallbox chargers comes with a 3 years manufacturer warranty. Plus our team of installers are all registered electricians and provide a 3 year warranty on workmanship.

Terms and Conditions: Fixed price install is indicative and is based on Existing distribution board has the capacity/spare ways to facilitate additional MCB’s/RCBO’s required for the EV Charger (x2 ways required). Wallbox EV Charger to be mounted within 5m of the existing distribution board. This must be on the same level and within the same room. All new cabling will be reticulated via surface mounted conduit/trunking.

Any additional materials outside of the above parameters will be charged at trade price. Any additional labour for installations outside of the above parameters will be charged at $84.20 p/hr

Home Chargers

Most popular mid range charger with built in cable and wifi connectivity

$2,995 installed including GST*

  • Approx. 30-120km of Range for every hour charged

  • Compact - Smaller than a toaster, lighter than a laptop

  • Powerful - Up to 22kW of charging capacity

  • Connected - Connects to any smart device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

  • Controllable - Schedule charging sessions, monitor your charger status and more

  • Onboard Intelligence - Don’t worry about connectivity blackspots in your garage or parking spot. By using Bluetooth, the Pulsar range lets you manage your charge even when you can’t connect to the internet